Rattlesnake Peak
Elevation 5268'
Fun hiking and scrambling in the Bennett Hills near Mountain Home
March 17, 2024

43.2092°N / 115.5281°W

Rattlesnake Peak is located on the southern edge of the Bennett Hills, just northeast of Mountain Home. This is a great area to explore in the spring or fall, when it’s not too hot. And only about an hour from Boise. There are easier routes to the top, or plenty of opportunities to scramble up rocky sections along the way if you choose.

It was a perfect spring day, and my son and some friends were craving sunshine. Here we are on the trail at the start of the hike.

After following the trail until it crossed the creek, we climbed up the hillside, and were greeted with this view of open terrain below the summit.

We picked this peak because it was close to home, and offered up some scrambling opportunities.

Here was our first fun scramble section. The basalt was nice and grippy.

Further up, my son led us up this tricky chimney scramble.

Good view of the summit as we got higher.

We wandered through these cool hoodoos along the way.

My son posing by the most prominent hoodoo.

After more scrambling, here's a view toward the summit.

Lunch break on the summit of Rattlesnake Peak.

Bennett Mountain to the northeast, from the summit of Rattlesnake Peak.

We decided to make a loop, and hiked down this valley on the way back.

Back down near the trailhead.

Rattlesnake Spring was impressive. No water as we hiked down the valley, and then suddenly this flow!

Map of our route. Round trip was just over 4 miles and 1300' of elevation gain in a leisurely 4 hours of hiking and scrambling. A really fun afternoon.

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