White Clouds

This is a list of the hikes I've taken in White Cloud Mountains of central Idaho, which is may favorite area for hiking and backpacking. Click on a description link for photos and/or a trip report.

10/13/2023Spud Creek PeakWhite CloudsPhyllis Lake3Day
10/13/2023Phyllis Lake & S Six Lakes PeakWhite CloudsPhyllis Lake4Day
7/20/2023Big Boulder LakesWhite CloudsLivingston Mill222 nights
9/1/2022White Cloud Peak #10White CloudsRailroad Ridge6Day
1/22/2022Pigtail PeakWhite CloudsWilliams Creek12Day
10/16/2021Big Fisher Creek PeakWhite CloudsFisher Creek6Day
10/16/2021Fisher Creek PeaksWhite CloudsFisher Creek6Day
8/16/2021Boulder Chain Lakes via Devil's StaircaseWhite Clouds4th July182 nights
10/9/2020Horton Peak TraverseWhite CloudsValley Road13Day
9/14/2019Grand Prize PeaksWhite CloudsGrand Prize Canyon6Day
10/1/2018Wilderness PeakWhite CloudsRobinson Bar16Day
8/12/2017Beaver Creek PeaksWhite CloudsUpper Beaver Creek12Day
9/16/2016Lookout Mountain & Prospect PointsWhite CloudsRough Creek13Day
10/17/2015Grand Finale PeakWhite CloudsThree Cabins14Day
10/16/2015Six Lakes PeakWhite Clouds4th July4Day
6/26/2015Epic White Clouds LoopWhite Clouds4th July363 nights
10/10/2014Champion Lakes LoopWhite CloudsChampion Lakes (Pole Cr)11Day
9/1/2014East Germania RidgeWhite CloudsBowery Guard Station16Day
8/24/2013Chamberlain PeaksWhite CloudsThree Cabins15Day
6/28/2013Patterson Frank Blackmon LoopWhite Clouds4th July12Day
10/19/2012Chinese WallWhite CloudsRailroad Ridge5Day
9/9/2012West Germania RidgeWhite CloudsThree Cabins15Day
2/3/2012Watson Peak AttemptWhite CloudsFisher Creek231 night
10/10/2011Lookout Mountain LoopWhite CloudsRough Creek14Day
11/6/2010Pole Creek PeaksWhite CloudsTwin Creek9Day
8/13/2010Boulder Chain & Castle LakeWhite CloudsLittle Boulder Creek433 nights
8/07/2010Fourth of July LakeWhite Clouds4th July3Day
7/03/2010Castle PeakWhite Clouds4th July121 night
8/16/2009Ocalkens Lake & WCP'sWhite CloudsSlate Creek221 night
3/14/2009Casino PeakWhite CloudsBoundary Creek9Day
9/28/2008Deer LakesWhite CloudsThree Cabins12Day
8/22/2008Tin Cup Lake & WCP-10White CloudsRailroad Ridge5Day
8/29/2007Lonesome PeakWhite Clouds4th July11Day
8/4/2007Swimm & Ocalkens LakesWhite CloudsSlate Creek263 nights
10/14/2006Washington Basin PeaksWhite Clouds4th July11Day
8/26/2006Horton PeakWhite CloudsHorton Peak7Day
7/28/2006White Cloud Peak #3White CloudsSlate Creek9Day
8/4/2005Boulder Chain Lakes via Devil's StaircaseWhite Clouds4th July254 nights
7/9/2004Big Boulder LakesWhite CloudsLivingston Mill192 nights
7/11/2003Chamberlain Basin LoopWhite Clouds4th July282 nights

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