If you’re interested in climbing mountains, but not really interested in having to scramble up rocks, then a “walk up” is right up your alley. Below is a list of walk up’s I’ve done. Some of these have trails all the way to the summit, and others require some off trail Class 2 hiking, but none require using your hands for climbing. Click on any of the description links for a trip report and photos.

6/28/2024Zollinger PointsLost RiversFerd Zollinger Cabin2Day
6/26/2024Trail Creek Summit PeakBouldersTrail Creek Summit2Day
5/1/2024Mount BierstadtFront Range COWinter Trailhead10Day
4/30/2024Genesee MountainFront Range COBison Meadow2Day
3/25/2024Grandeur Peak & Church Fork PeakWasatchChurch Fork9Day
3/24/2024View BenchmarkWasatchDeer Ridge3Day
2/24/2024Van Duesen PontWest MountainsRock Creek2Day
2/24/2024French Corner PeaksWest MountainsDry Creek Road3Day
12/27/2023Mount JurupaSan BernadinoMartin Tudor Park5Day
12/22/2023Vale BenchmarkOwyheesLytle Blvd4Day
11/18/2023Smiley MountainPioneersIron Bog Creek5Day
10/21/2023Lookout PeakWest MountainsVan Wyck4Day
10/13/2023Spud Creek PeakWhite CloudsPhyllis Lake3Day
8/9/2023Ch-paa-qn PeakReservation DivideEdith Peak Road7Day
8/5/2023Lookout PointCentennial MountainsThreemile Creek9Day
7/30/2023Spencer MountainPiedmont NCPoston Field2Day
7/25/2023Kings PinnaclePiedmont NCCrowders Visitor Center4Day
6/29/2023Table RockBoise MountainsOld Idaho Pen3Day
6/10/2023East PeakWallowasMount Howard4Day
5/29/2023Bennett MountainBennett HillsBennett Creek Overlook13Day
5/2/2023Cirque of the BovinesSeaman RangeOreana Spring13Day
4/29/2023Camelback MountainPhoenix MountainsEcho Canyon2Day
4/28/2023Piestewa PeakPhoenix MountainsSummit Trail2Day
4/26/2023Black MountainSevier PlateauLosee Canyon3Day
4/15/2023Castle Creek PeaksOwyheesAlder Creek Road6Day
3/25/2023Hardtrigger CanyonOwyheesHardtrigger Creek2Day
12/28/2022Danny BenchmarkOwyheesAlkali Creek2Day
10/22/2022Sage Hen PeakWest MountainsWest Mtn Trail South5Day
10/21/2022Dry Buck PeaksWest MountainsDry Buck Summit4Day
8/20/2022Liberal Mountain & Cannonball MountainSoldier MountainsUpper Cannoball Creek4Day
6/26/2022Pahsimeroi Ridge WalkLost RiversChristian Gulch15Day
4/2/2022Gloved & Shril PeaksLemhi RangeNorth Creek14Day
3/5/2022Flattop ButteOwyheesMcBride Creek5Day
12/28/2021Lockman ButteDanskin MountainsCanyon Creek Rd4Day
12/4/2021Toy MountainOwyheesToy Pass12Day
10/31/2021Cayuse PeakDanskin MountainsLong Tom Ranch Rd6Day
10/16/2021Big Fisher Creek PeakWhite CloudsFisher Creek6Day
10/16/2021Fisher Creek PeaksWhite CloudsFisher Creek6Day
10/15/2021Lower Valley Creek PeakSalmon RiverLower Valley Creek4Day
10/8/2021Rock Creek ButteBlue MountainsMarble Pass13Day
9/17/2021Scott PeakBeaverheadsScott Canyon10Day
8/1/2021Porter PeakBull Run MountainsBlue Jacket Saddle4Day
7/10/2021Thorn Creek ButteBoise MountainsBald Mountain Campground3Day
6/20/2021Coffin Mountain & Bachelor MountainCascadesCoffin Lookout8Day
5/23/2021Sweet ButteWest MountainsBig Cottonwood Creek5Day
4/30/2021Queens CrownPioneersQueens Crown2Day
4/23/2021Lucky PeakBoise MountainsAdelmann Mine7Day
3/20/2021Poison Gulch PeaksOwyheesBirch Creek13Day
2/27/2021China DitchOwyheesWillson Creek9Day
12/28/2020Shafer Creek PointBoise MountainsShafer Creek Road3Day
10/10/2020Meade PeakPruess RangeRight Fork Georgetown Canyon6Day
10/9/2020Horton Peak TraverseWhite CloudsValley Road13Day
10/7/2020Squaw ButteWest MountainsSouth Saddle8Day
9/22/2020The Ramp and Double UPioneersAntelope Pass10Day
8/29/2020Rabbit PeakBoise MountainsN Fork Rabbit Creek7Day
7/3/2020Smoky Dome LoopSoldier MountainsS Fork Soldier Creek14Day
4/18/2020Little Fiddler Four Pack Of PeaksDanskin MountainsUpper Long Gulch16Day
3/28/2020Windy RidgeOwyheesRabbit Creek Road5Day
3/21/2020The Yellow Jacket - Leslie GulchOwyheesJuniper Gulch6Day
1/1/2020Deadman PeakDanskin MountainsDeadman Creek5Day
12/23/2019Deer ButteOwyheesSnively Hot Springs6Day
11/2/2019Iron Bog PeakPioneersIron Bog Lake6Day
10/12/2019Wilson PeakBoise MountainsFS Trail 6908Day
4/15/2019Mount TaylorSan Mateo MountainsGooseberry Springs8Day
4/14/2019Emory Peak to South Rim LoopBig Bend NPChisos Basin18Day
4/13/2019Mount Livermore Davis MountainsMadera Canyon7Day
3/17/2019Reynolds PeakOwyheesReynolds Crest5Day
1/18/2019Temescal PeakSanta MonicaReseda Blvd7Day
11/12/2018Hayden Peak LoopOwyheesScotch Bob Saddle15Day
10/20/2018Senate PeakBouldersSenate Creek5Day
10/1/2018Wilderness PeakWhite CloudsRobinson Bar16Day
8/11/2018Mount JeffersonCentennial MountainsSawtell Peak8Day
8/10/2018Francs PeakAbsaroka RangePhelphs Mountain9Day
8/8/2018Cloud PeakBighorn RangeWest Tensleep Lake241 night
8/6/2018Hollowtop MountainTobacco RootMason Lake8Day
7/26/2018Scotchman PeakCabinet MountainsTrail 658Day
6/23/2018Profile Gap 11 SummitsSalmon RiverProfile Gap17Day
6/9/2018Graham PeakAlbion RangeNF Road 7076Day
6/9/2018Cache & IndependenceAlbion RangeNF Road 562 - West side8Day
5/26/2018Smoky MountainAlbion RangeEast Side Water Trough5Day
4/23/2018Notch PeakHouse RangeLower Sawtooth Canyon10Day
4/22/2018West Rim Trail to Angels LandingZion NPRaven Point18Day
4/19/2018Telescope Peak to Wildrose PeakPanamint RangeCharcoal Kilns24Day
4/18/2018Red CathedralBlack Mountains - DVNPZabriskie Point2Day
4/18/201820 Mule Team PeakBlack Mountains - DVNPTwenty Mule Team Drive3Day
4/18/2018Hickison BenchmarkToquima RangeHighway 50 BM 63244Day
3/31/2018Weatherby MountainBlue MountainsShirttale Saddle11Day
12/14/2017Grays and Torreys PeaksFront Range COStevens Gulch10Day
11/4/2017Bender Flat LoopDanskin MountainsFlat Creek7Day
10/6/2017Little Fall Creek PeaksBouldersLittle Fall Creek8Day
8/12/2017Beaver Creek PeaksWhite CloudsUpper Beaver Creek12Day
7/23/2017Mount McCauslandCascadesSmithbrook7Day
7/22/2017Union Peak & Jove PeakCascadesNason Saddle7Day
7/20/2017Humbug MountainOregon CoastHumbug Mountain6Day
7/18/2017Crater PeakCrater LakeVidea Picnic Area7Day
6/29/2017Grand View PointTetonsGrandview Point2Day
6/10/2017Oxford PeakBannock RangeDavis Basin13Day
6/9/2017Mount GloryTetonsTeton Pass2Day
6/9/2017Mount BairdSnake River MountainsLittle Elk Creek10Day
5/29/2017Daggett PointsBoise MountainsClear Creek Summit8Day
5/27/2017Bald MountainOwyheesBald Mountain2Day
5/8/2017Quicksilver MountainOwyheesToy Pass13Day
4/9/2017Macks PeakBoise MountainsMacks Creek Park4Day
11/12/2016Eagle NestLick CreekUpper Eagle Nest6Day
11/11/2016Green MountainLick CreekRoad 3912Day
11/5/2016Cuddy MountainCuddy MountainsEast Brownlee Creek10Day
10/11/2016Ryan PeakBouldersNorth Fork Wood River11Day
9/16/2016Lookout Mountain & Prospect PointsWhite CloudsRough Creek13Day
6/17/2016Young HillSan Juan IslandEngilish Camp2Day
6/12/2016Tillamook Head TraverseOregon CoastIndian Beach6Day
5/28/2016Nip BenchmarkSalmon RiverNip and Tuck Road4Day
5/14/2016Big Creek Peak LoopLemhi RangeBig Creak Campground12Day
3/19/2016Bruneau Sand Dunes - Big DuneOwyheesBig Dune2Day
3/14/2016Corkscrew PeakGrapevine MountainsCorkscrew Sign7Day
3/14/2016Thimble PeakGrapevine MountainsRed Pass4Day
11/8/2015Tripod PeakWest MountainsBlue Lake7Day
6/12/2015Mount Jordan & The GeneralSalmon RiverJordan Creek13Day
5/30/2015Sturgill PeakHitt MountainsTool Cache4Day
4/19/2015Currant PeakBoise MountainsUpper Daniels Creek6Day
3/22/2015Quandary PeakTenmile Range COQuandary Peak Trailhead7Day
11/8/2014No Business MountainWest MountainsNo Business Saddle4Day
10/10/2014Champion Lakes LoopWhite CloudsChampion Lakes (Pole Cr)11Day
9/14/2014Seven Devils TraverseSeven DevilsSeven Devils CG7Day
9/1/2014East Germania RidgeWhite CloudsBowery Guard Station16Day
6/16/2014Gaylor Peak & LakesYosemite NPTioga Pass3Day
6/15/2014Sentinel DomeYosemite NPSentinel Dome2Day
10/24/2013North TwinLost RiversElbow Canyon6Day
9/12/2013Fenn MountainSelway CragsBig Fog Saddle13Day
4/26/2013Wilson Peak and Soldier CapOwyheesRace Horse Ridge6Day
11/12/2012Goat Mountain ComplexBoise MountainsSilver Creek Saddle8Day
9/9/2012West Germania RidgeWhite CloudsThree Cabins15Day
3/20/2012Packer ButteBennett HillsCat Creek Road2Day
12/31/2011Cervidae PeakBoise MountainsSoutheast Ridge4Day
11/9/2011Trail Creek PeaksBouldersWest Fork Trail Creek9Day
10/10/2011Lookout Mountain LoopWhite CloudsRough Creek14Day
5/29/2010Grape MountainBoise MountainsElk Creek Pass7Day
4/16/2010Taylor MountainLost RiversDry Creek3Day
9/7/2009Shephard Peak & Silver MountainBoise MountainsSilver Creek Saddle5Day
7/3/2009Council MountainWest MountainsGranite Creek13Day
5/1/2009Krall MountainBoise MountainsSouth Fork5Day
4/25/2009The Tules - EF Owyhee RiverOwyheesGarat Crossing10Day
4/11/2009Danskin PeakDanskin MountainsUpper Case Creek5Day
9/28/2008Deer LakesWhite CloudsThree Cabins12Day
6/14/2008Mount HeinenBoise MountainsIrish Creek10Day
5/10/2008Cucamonga PeakSan GabrielIcehouse Canyon12Day
10/7/2007Jughandle and Boulder MountainLick CreekLouie Lake9Day
6/25/2007Boise PeakBoise MountainsCrooked Summit8Day
11/25/2006Packer John MountainBoise MountainsHanging Bridge7Day
10/1/2006Granite MountainLick CreekGoose Lake6Day
8/26/2006Horton PeakWhite CloudsHorton Peak7Day
7/28/2006White Cloud Peak #3White CloudsSlate Creek9Day
5/9/2006Lucky PeakBoise MountainsAdelmann Mine9Day
4/17/2006Kepros & Three PointDanskin MountainsBlacks Creek Pass12Day
4/7/2006Cervidae PeakBoise MountainsMores Cr Bridge5Day
10/1/2005Pollock MountainSeven DevilsChokecherry Flat6Day

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