I like all types of hiking, but my first love is backpacking. There's nothing like camping under the stars in some remote place that you can reach only under your own power. This is a list of all the multi-day backpacking trips I've taken. Some are entirely on-trail, others include considerable bushwhacking, but most have a little of each. Click on any of the description links for a trip report and photos.

8/24/2023Seven Devils LoopSeven DevilsWindy Saddle363 nights
7/20/2023Big Boulder LakesWhite CloudsLivingston Mill222 nights
9/23/2022Bernard LakeSalmon RiverN Fork Elk Creek231 night
7/29/2022Boulder Lake & Boulder Lake PeakPioneersBoulder Lake111 night
8/16/2021Boulder Chain Lakes via Devil's StaircaseWhite Clouds4th July182 nights
7/16/2021Sawtooth LakeSawtoothsIron Creek121 night
9/3/2020Frog LakeLick CreekGrass Mountain Lake81 night
7/18/2020Cougar BasinSalmon RiverLick Creek533 nights
8/31/2019Big Lost LakeSmoky MountainsNorton Lakes61 night
8/19/2019Bighorn CragsSalmon RiverCrags CG363 nights
8/12/2019Bear Valley Lakes - Lemhi 10ersLemhi RangeBear Valley Creek241 night
9/12/2018Andromeda PeakPioneersFall Creek181 night
9/1/2018Thirtythree LakeLick CreekThirtythree Lake71 night
8/4/2018Hilgard PeakMadison RangeW Fork Beaver Creek181 night
9/1/2017Sawtooth Peaks LoopSawtoothsIron Creek353 nights
8/4/2017Rapid LakeLick CreekBoulder Cr91 night
8/24/2016Williamson & TyndallSierra NevadaShepherd Pass394 nights
8/14/2016Hard Creek LakeLick CreekHard Creek51 night
7/1/2016Big Baldy RidgeSalmon RiverBuck Creek402 nights
9/12/2015Granite Peak (MT)Beartooth WildernessUpper Lady of the Lake282 nights
7/24/2015Decker LoopSawtoothsRedfish Inlet282 nights
7/18/2015Mill LakeSmoky MountainsMill Creek51 night
6/26/2015Epic White Clouds LoopWhite Clouds4th July363 nights
8/2/2014Lake SereneLick CreekGrass Mountain Lake51 night
7/12/2014North Fork LakeBouldersNorth Fork Lake Trailhead71 night
6/29/2014Mount RainierCascadesParadise151 night
8/17/2013Hard Butte LakeLick CreekClayburn Trailhead71 night
7/13/2013Gannett Peak, Titcomb Basin & Indian BasinWind River RangeElkhart Park656 nights
8/17/2012Curtis Lake & Alpine MountainBoise MountainsOro Mountain61 night
7/31/2012Grand TetonTetonsLupine Meadows212 nights
7/20/2012Pearl & Marge LakesLick CreekCrestline Trailhead61 night
6/21/2012Shadow Lakes & Long Lost CreekLost RiversWet Creek352 nights
8/24/2011Clyde MinaretMinaretsDevils Postpile211 night
7/27/2011Alpine Creek to Flytrip & IngeborgSawtoothsAlpine Creek343 nights
7/23/2011Farley LakeSawtoothsYellow Belly Lake61 night
8/20/2010Upper Hazard LakeLick CreekHazard Lake51 night
8/13/2010Boulder Chain & Castle LakeWhite CloudsLittle Boulder Creek433 nights
7/23/2010Warbonnet Lakes & Lake KathrynSawtoothsRedfish Inlet262 nights
7/03/2010Castle PeakWhite Clouds4th July121 night
6/25/2010Langer LakeSalmon RiverLanger Monument51 night
8/16/2009Ocalkens Lake & WCP'sWhite CloudsSlate Creek221 night
7/24/2009Grass Mountain LakesLick CreekGrass Mountain Lake51 night
7/10/2009Glacier Lake LoopWallowasW Fork Wallowa River322 nights
8/9/2008Rainbow BasinBoise MountainsBig Trinity Lake61 night
7/31/2008Queens River LoopSawtoothsQueens River433 nights
6/28/2008Pahsimeroi ValleyLost RiversEF & WF Pahsimeroi River223 nights
8/4/2007Swimm & Ocalkens LakesWhite CloudsSlate Creek263 nights
7/6/2007Baron & Stephens LakesSawtoothsRedfish Inlet222 nights
8/12/2006Betty & Goat LakesPioneersBroad Canyon182 nights
7/8/2006Devil's Basin LoopLemhi RangeM Fk Little Timber Cr242 nights
8/4/2005Boulder Chain Lakes via Devil's StaircaseWhite Clouds4th July254 nights
7/1/2005Pahsimeroi ValleyLost RiversEF & WF Pahsimeroi River203 nights
7/29/2004Bighorn CragsSalmon RiverCrags CG343 nights
7/9/2004Big Boulder LakesWhite CloudsLivingston Mill192 nights
7/11/2003Chamberlain Basin LoopWhite Clouds4th July282 nights
8/3/2001Toxaway & Alice Lake LoopSawtoothsPettit Lake182 nights
8/4/2000Sheep LakeSeven DevilsWindy Saddle121 night
7/1/1999McGowan LakesSawtoothsIron Creek131 night
8/1/1997Dog-Baldy-Sheep Lake LoopSeven DevilsWindy Saddle393 nights
8/1/1996Sawtooth Lake LoopSawtoothsGrandjean212 nights
6/1/1995Baron CreekSawtoothsGrandjean171 night
7/23/1994McGowan LakesSawtoothsIron Creek131 night
8/1/1992Smiths Creek LakeBoise MountainsSheep Creek322 nights
8/25/1989Sawtooth Lake LoopSawtoothsGrandjean212 nights
8/19/1988Bulltrout to BonnevilleSalmon RiverBulltrout Lake151 night
8/1/1985Sawtooth Lake LoopSawtoothsGrandjean202 nights

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